Gender Identity

It is okay to question your gender identity (along with all aspects of your life) in order to find what makes you unique, be comfortable in your own skin, and be able to love and live for yourself.

There are many gender identities and it is your right to question and arrive at your own understanding. There is no right or wrong gender identity and being fluid about your gender identity is an option. 

For many years Western European Society has only ever allowed a binary system of gender identity, as in identifying as either male or female. However, we have always known that there are many other genders that consist of personal aspects of our physicality (biological sex), expression (the way you present your gender), and identity (how you define your gender in your head). 

Included in our journey of understanding gender identity there is, also, an aspect of understanding who we are sexually and romantically attracted to. This attraction may or may not have an influence on our gender identity, however this needs to be considered in order for us to better understand ourselves and our intimate relationships.

Gender Identity Glossary of Terms

Following is a list of some gender identity terms that can assist in helping you identify yourself better. This list isn’t definitive or specific and is not provided in order to find which “box” you fit into. If you feel that none of these terms are for you that’s completely okay.

  • Cross-dresser is a person who wears clothing, accessories, and/or make-up that is typical of their opposite gender. They may do this full time or sometimes.
  • FtM is a person who was assigned female at birth but whose gender identity is that of a man. Similar term sometimes used: trans man.
  • Gender fluid is a person who does not identify as having a fixed gender.
  • Gender nonconforming, gender variant is a person whose gender expression is not limited by the stereotypical masculine and feminine gender ‘norms’.
  • Genderqueer is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or expression is different to the binary male or female.
  • Intersex is a person who is born with sex chromosomes, external genitalia and/or internal reproductive parts of both genders.
  • MtF is a person who was assigned male at birth but whose gender identity is that of a female. Similar term sometimes used: trans woman.
  • Non-binary is a person that identifies as being neither male nor female.
  • Transfeminine is a term for a range of identities where the female identity or where femininity is prominent.
  • Transgender is a person whose gender identity differs from that which was assigned to them at birth.
  • Transmasculine is a term for a range of identities where the male identity or where masculinity is prominent.
  • Transsexual is a person whose gender identity differs from that which as assigned at birth and they have taken steps to physically transition their bodies to that which more closely aligns with their gender identity.
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