How to Walk a Labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth is a right-brained process in which you will use your creative mind, intuition, and trust. As you journey toward the centre, see what you can overcome or release. When you arrive in the middle, it is best to confront any fears so you can move forward. Also, give yourself permission to accept any messages or gifts at this moment. Be open to receiving the process. As you exit the labyrinth, notice where you have arrived. This is the time to take note of any revelations or transformative thoughts.

The Journey In

Following the path requires you to concentrate and it keeps the mind busy – giving you the chance to shed layers of distraction, worry, and mind chatter.

Imagine you are climbing a tree of your own life – stretching down to your ancestors, strengthened by those who have and will support you as you move forward into the unknown.

The Turns

Enjoy the turns on the labyrinth as they can help you to accept change in your life and support you to find new ways to move from one phase to the next.

Turns on the labyrinth can show us many things – they bring change – sometimes welcome, sometimes not. However you feel – it is important to trust and move forward knowing there is a path ahead.

The Centre

Standing silently in the centre open your heart, mind, and body to the experience of whatever may come to you. See what takes root, what may blossom.

It is a place where a long endured struggle can cease – where you can face what you most fear and dare to do the most difficult thing. A place of transformation.

The Journey Out

When you feel ready to leave the centre, give thanks for whatever you have found or received there and begin your journey out following the same path.

You may feel like your journey out will be a release from burdens you brought in with you as one of many outcomes.

Walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives insight into the spiritual journey.

It urges action, It calms people in the throes of transitions.

It helps them to see their lives in the context of a path, a pilgrimage.

To those of us who feel we have untapped gifts to offer, it stirs the creative fires within.

To others who are in deep sorrow, the walk gives solace and peace.

The experience is different for everyone, because each of us brings different raw material to the labyrinth.

We bring our unique hopes, dreams, history, and longings of the soul.

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