Why have Ceremonies?

Ceremonial recognition of transition adds a dimension of spiritual experience that can otherwise be lacking in our busy lives. Individually tailored ceremony is a powerful way to reconnect with the sacredness of life and affirm our beliefs and values.

I am a firm believer that today’s society is resistant to processing changes or crises in our lives. Often we do nothing or very little to give meaning to changes or crises. Sometimes we need to transition ourselves and allow adequate time and space in order for us to move on with our lives.

Acting out these changes, losses, or crises  in a spiritual way gives  meaning to our lives and the space to commemorate and recognise the events which may have brought us pain and hurt.

Ceremonies allow us the space to express our sadness, anger, and laughter in a safe way either alone or with other people. This release of emotions releases the “blockages” and may well allow us to overcome or manage our addictions which we have used to mask our pain and hurt.


I have a pair of ugly eyes which I often use,
And out of them the sights that I see
Are hard and ugly and hateful and grey.
I see fear and I see lies –
I see killing and I see abuse –
I see blaming and I see misuse –
There is no mistaking the misery that I see.

I have a pair of beautiful eyes which I like to use,
And out of them the sights that I see
Are beautiful and lovely and true.
I see love and babies growing –
I see friendship and oceans flowing –
I see giving and I see creating –
And of the beauty of all there is no mistaking.

By Marjorie Pizer.

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